Website and Logos

This website was designed and built by Sean Hayford Oleary Design and launched in fall 2023.


Logo downloads are available below:

MACC C logo

Secondary “C” logo

Brand colors


(RGB: 180, 94, 56)


(RGB: 54, 51, 49)


(RGB: 236, 232, 230)

Light Orange

(RGB: 235, 135, 91)

Light Brown

(RGB: 71, 66, 63)


(RGB: 255, 255, 255)

Brand guidance

  1. Use the primary logo in full color when possible. Use black and white if full color is not feasible.
  2. Use the secondary “C” logo only as a secondary reference, in conjunction with the primary logo. Do not use it alone.
  3. When used online or in digital materials, link the logo to
  4. Do not modify the logo, alter colors, use without padding, or remove the text from the boxed shape.
  5. Orange, Brown, and Gray are the primary colors to represent the brand. Light Orange, Light Brown, and White are alternatives that may be used when necessary for legibility.