Rita Berg doing an educational workshop


MACC offers workshops and training on a variety of preventive conservation and collections care topics designed for the staff and volunteers of collecting institutions. These workshops take place at MACC and at various sites throughout the region.

We can also design workshops on preventive conservation and collections care topics to meet your specific needs. If you are interested in hosting a workshop in your area or have a specific topic in mind, please contact us.

MACC offers specific preventive conservation information and technical guidance on the complete range of preservation and preventive conservation-related activities including: the handling, shipping, storage, and exhibition of specific artifacts; proper storage and housing material recommendations; direction in environmental management; security; pest control; grant application and funding source information; and disaster and long-range planning assistance. Contact us for more information.

MACC also engages the general public in preservation education with tours and presentations for community groups, college students and faculty, as well as for the docents and boards of directors of regional institutions. If you are interested in a presentation or tour, please contact us.