A disaster preparedness exercise

Disaster Preparedness

Become a part of the MACC Disaster Prevention Network

Having a Disaster Plan is a fundamental component of proper collections care. MACC regularly offers workshops on: writing disaster plans; doing collection risk assessments; and practicing emergency response techniques. MACC also provides free phone and email assistance about disaster planning and can direct institutions to grant funding sources to help them get a plan in place.

MACC plays an important role in the Heritage Emergency National Task coordinates with numerous associations on emergency response. If not already, your institution should consider being a member of MACC. Region-wide floods and other large-scale disasters require a multi-faceted and coordinated effort between emergency responders, institutions, volunteers, etc.  Your membership becomes part of a network for regional response to assist FEMA and other national and state resources in their efforts to preserve cultural collections.

MACC can also ‘scenario train’ staff at museums, historical societies, libraries, and archives to make sure written response plans are sound, complete and effective in practice.

Take a first step in Disaster Preparation. Have your institution begin or renew Membership with MACC. Join the hundreds of nonprofits that rely on MACC for:

  • Conservation Treatments
  • Emergency Planning and Response
  • General Assessment Surveys
  • Long Range Plans
  • Collection Specific Surveys
  • Storage and HVAC Improvements
  • Grant Preparation and Fundraising Assistance
  • Staff Training

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