Performing work restoring a painting


Our staff has helped hundreds of institutions raise funds for preservation projects ranging from initial surveys and conservation treatments to new storage facilities and buildings. MACC staff can:

  • Identify potential funding sources
  • Provide expertise for project consulting
  • Assist with the writing of Long Range Conservation Plans
  • Consult on federal, state and private foundation funding protocols
  • Identify priorities for preservation and conservation projects
  • Help with the establishment of project budgets and time lines
  • Provide state-of-the-art general surveys, storage surveys, and Object by Object collection surveys
  • Consult on in-house fundraising projects
  • Provide proper preservation and conservation terminology for funding proposals
  • Review drafts of grant proposal applications
  • Submit letters of recommendation

Many institutions don’t realize that Federal and State Granting Agencies and many private funders follow an unwritten protocol to determine the most successful applicants. MACC can help your institution navigate through the many stages of the grant writing and funding process. We are especially familiar with preservation planning and have successfully assisted numerous institutions in identifying and obtaining funding for their conservation and preservation projects. Contact us for more information and assistance.