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COVID-19 Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CARES Act: How to Apply for Non-Profit Relief Funds

Small Business Guidance and Loan Resources

Disinfecting Cultural Resources NCPTT

Cultural Resources and COVID-19 NCPTT

Re-Entry to Cultural Sites NCPTT

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Online Resources

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) 
American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC)
Buffalo State College Art Conservation Department
Conservation Online (CoOL)

Hangerbee Textile Preservation Supplies
Institute of Museum and Library Services
International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)
International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC)

Materials Information and Technical Resources for Artists (MITRA)
Midwest Regional Conservation Guild (MRCG)
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Museum Pests
The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT) 
National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) 
National Trust for Historic Preservation 
New York University Institute of Fine Arts Conservation Program 
Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC)
Preservation Self-Assessment Program/University of Illinois
Queen’s University at Kingston Art Conservation Program 
Regional Alliance for Preservation (RAP)

University of Delaware/Winterthur Art Conservation Program
Western Association for Art Conservation (WAAC)

Equipment and Book Loans
MACC has data loggers and UV light meters to loan free of charge to your institution. We can assist you in using and interpreting the data from your readings.

MACC has books on preservation issues that are available for loan. Our library covers topics from museum cultural and legal policy issues to proper techniques of artifact preservation and conservation.

Technical Leaflets
Information on these topics and more is available by contacting MACC at [email protected]

What is Preservation Planning?
Low-Cost, Practical Steps to Improve Collection Care
Guidelines for Handling Works of Art
Guidelines for Maintenance of Outdoor Bronze Sculpture
Using Rhoplex Dots for Display
Recommended Relative Humidity Levels for Collections
Monitoring Temperature and Relative Humidity
Protection from Light Damage
Recommended Light Levels Light Levels for Graphics
Disaster Planning
An Introduction to Fire Detection, Alarm, and Automatic Fire Sprinklers
Managing a Mold Invasion
Inspecting Artifacts for Insect Infestation
What is Integrated Pest Management?
Exhibit Materials Supplier List
Building a Better Case
Storage Furniture, A: Brief Overview of Current Options
Barriers and Sealants for Wood Products
Selection of Suitable Quality Storage Enclosures for Books and Artifacts on Paper
Zeolite Molecular Traps and Their Use in Preventative Conservation
Hinging for Works on Paper
Archival Photo Corners
Storage Solutions for Oversized Paper Artifacts
Protecting Books with Custom Fitted Boxes
Polyester Film Book Jacket
Storage Enclosures for Photographic Materials
Framing Techniques
Anti-Theft Security Hangers for Framed Works
Preservation of Magnetic Media
Caring for Your Paintings
Storage and Display Guidelines for Paintings
Handling Textiles
Instructions for Storing Textiles in Flat Storage
Instructions for Rolling Textiles
Hanging a Flat Textile with Velcro
Deciding Whether a Costume should be Hung or Stored in a Box
Packing a Costume for Box Storage
Padded Hangers
Care and Conservation of Jewelry
Jewelry Cleaning Guidelines
Securing Small Artifacts in Storage
Care and Conservation of Ethnographic Objects
Care of Plant Materials
Storage Supports for Basket Collections
Care of Wood and Birch Bark
Care of Totem Poles Displayed Outside
Care of Totem Poles Displayed Indoors
Care of Canoes, Kayaks and Umiaks
Care of Bone, Antler, Ivory, and Teeth
Care of Ivory, Bone, Horn, and Antler
Care of Quills, Horn, Hair, Feathers, Claws, and Baleen
Care of Quillwork
Storage of Feathered Headdresses and Soft-Sided Hats and Caps
Care of Objects Decorated with Glass Beads
Care of Shell
Care of Stone
Care of Ceramics and Glass
Care of Plastics and Modern Materials
Care of Objects Made from Rubber and Plastic
Care of Leather
Storage of Metals
Care and Conservation of Stained Glass
Preparing Historic Motorized Vehicles for Storage or Exhibit
Conservation of Furniture
Cleaning Wood Furniture
Furniture Care and Handling
Display and Storage of Museum Objects Containing Cellulose Nitrate
Labeling Artifacts: Object Numbering Procedures
Using Non-Original Materials in Displays
Caring for Your Treasures: Books to Help You
General Information on Insuring Museum Collections
Digitization of Collections
Example Collections Policy

Information on these topics and more is available by contacting MACC at [email protected]

Conservation Supply Resources
Contact MACC at [email protected] to get information on many preservation resources such as:
Disaster Recovery Supplies
Environmental Consultants
Storage and Exhibits Supplier List
Sources for Artifact Labeling Materials
Suppliers of Storage Enclosures for Family Collections