Design Assessments

Artists working on public art projects in metropolitan areas may be asked to submit a conservation assessment as part of their project design. MACC provides a few of these assessments a year; contact us early in the process to ensure availability.

The goals of the conservation assessment vary but are generally to provide the owner of commissioned artwork with:

  1. a reasonable expectation of the ongoing maintenance requirements,
  2. a general understanding of expected longevity (with the understanding that specific situations may vary from general expectations), and sometimes
  3. outside confirmation that the artwork is in good condition immediately after installation.

Assessments usually include an artist interview, a review of designs, and a studio visit. Working together with the artist and the owner provides useful information regarding materials and potential condition problems. During the assessment, the conservator may present alternatives or provide suggestions, but avoids interference with the artist’s creative process and the imposition of restrictions on the artist’s work.

Contact Us for a design assessment estimate.