Small Collections Monitoring Project

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Conserv is launching the Small Collections Monitoring Project (SCMP) to increase access to quality preservation tools.   The mission of SCMP is to deliver low or zero-cost environmental monitoring equipment to small collections in the United States that do not have a budget for environmental monitoring.   With help from MACC, the project has a goal of launching 1,000 new environmental monitoring programs at small collections by the end of 2022.

How does it work?

Collections – museums, libraries, archives, cultural centers, and historic properties – can trade-in functioning, used data loggers for new Conserv sensors and receive up to 80% off the first year of their Conserv subscription. Conserv will then donate traded-in equipment to partners around the country who will assist in distributing the equipment to small collections with limited funding.

Are you part of a small collection in Minnesota interested in receiving used data loggers? Fill out this short application.

Are you interested in donating your old data loggers? Contact Conserv’s Claire Winfield: [email protected]

What is MACC’s role?

MACC is serving as a partner. We will distribute loggers regionally and provide training for users as well as free collections environment consulting.  

Why dataloggers?

Providing a stable environment within recommended temperature and relative humidity ranges is the single most significant thing you can do for the preservation of your collection.

How much do exterior walls or windows affect  temperature? Is there a seasonal drift in collections storage? Does a display space meet the temperature and humidity parameters required for loan? These are all questions that can be answered with  environmental data analysis.

Most modern HVAC systems have temperature and relative humidity data detection built in, but purchasing and deploying independent dataloggers allows you the ability to choose locations that will show a holistic picture of the collections environment.

Dataloggers are small pieces of equipment that can be placed anywhere in your collection to monitor the temperature and relative humidity. They record data over time, providing you with a history of readings to help pinpoint when a change occurred, and many dataloggers provide warnings when HVAC systems are offline or there is a moisture incident. Some new models can even be accessed remotely so that you can check on your collections environment when you are offsite.